36th Edition: America’s Cup Live free Stream 2021 – Sailing Online Schedule



36th Edition: America’s Cup Live Stream 2021 – Sailing Online Schedule: For the 36th America’s Cup, teams will be sailing in AC75s, or more specifically 75-foot foiling monohulls.

Where will the 2021 America’s Cup be held?

Auckland, New Zealand

Will America’s Cup be Cancelled?

America’s Cup 2021: Final America’s Cup round-robin race canceled after Ineos Team UK’s win over Luna Rossa. … Ineos Team UK will not sail tomorrow, with the scheduled race against Luna Rossa redundant following their win.

How can I watch the Americas Cup?

Watch every moment of the America’s Cup challenge, live on Sky Sports. Coverage continues with the Americas Cup final at 3 am on March 15, live on Sky Sports Mix, repeated again at 8 am.

When’s the next America’s Cup race?

PRADA is the exclusive naming and presenting sponsor of all events comprising the 36th America’s Cup, including the Challenger Selection Series, which is officially named the PRADA Cup. The PRADA Cup will take place in Auckland in January/February 2021 and the America’s Cup Match will be held from 6- 21 March 2021.

The 36th American cup will be held in the month of March and the main aim of the live telecast of the event is to make this the most-watched and available to all the fans of the Americas Cup competition.

Racing in the remarkable Americas Cup held in Auckland, New Zealand will begin on the 6th of March 2021 with Prada’s Americas Cup World Series Auckland and the Prada Christmas Race. The America’s Cup and the Challenger Selection Series will begin on the 15th of January 2021. The participant who wins the America’s Cup will face the Defending Emirates Team in New Zealand, in the 36th America Cup Match which starts on the 6th of March 2021.

To make sure that you watch both the most accessible and most complete live telecast along with the highlights of the coverage from networks in well over 195 countries, the 36th America’s Cup has associated with free-to-air and paid networks as well.

How to watch the 2021 America’s Cup Live Stream American cup on TV?

It’s the age the digital technology and live streaming is taking over traditional cable TV. The reason being that cable TV is more expensive in comparison. There is no contract with live streaming channel either. Also, the video quality is fantastic.

With live streaming platforms, a number of other content apart from sports can be watched. Which live streaming channel has something to offer for each member of your family. Let’s take a peep on the list of live streaming channels.


The America’s Cup final will be a best of 13 series, with the winner moving on to challenge Team New Zealand in America’s Cup match in March. There will be two races per race day of the America’s Cup final. The racing window for each race day will be around 4pm-6pm, with the first race of each day scheduled for 4.15pm.

NBC Sports:

NBC is the Channel that offers the live coverage of the 2021American Cup, it means that you can watch the event live with no problems. If NBC is already included in the cable package. You can easily watch it by visiting the NBC website also.

The telecast rights for the 2021 Americas Cup are with NBC for many years. It will give your hours of live coverage of the event. During the time of competition, there are limited or no commercial breaks.

Fox sports

Fox Sports is the best channel to watch the 2021 America’s Cup. The network has FS1 which will telecast live coverage of the race. It will also broadcast the live Boxing Champions, Major League Soccer matches, and UGSA Championships.

You can catch the live action on FS1 by downloading the Fox Sports Go app on your mobile. The app supports all the latest devices. The channel has lots of features that make the network standout from other services. Subscribe now to get a free seven-day trial.


ESPN is one more channel to watch the America’s Cup 2021. This one is a platform that was launched in April 2018 and from then it has achieved to get millions of users in a quick time. The channel will cost a monthly price of $5, but you purchase the annual subscription it will cost $50 it will be more cheaper.

ESPN2 provides loads of original content, exclusive sports events, as well as new programs. In order to access this premium content, you can download the ESPN app, but now you have access to the gold-badged content. Read our ESPN2 review for more details.


The next channel that can be watched is the DAZN on which the Americas Cup is telecasted in Canada. The channel allows to live stream the Prada races in the country live and on-demand. On the channel you can watch other leagues such as the UEFA Cup, Champions League, Serie A, and much more.

The channel comes with a free trial period of 7 days and the 30 days subscription will cost $20 CAD. Afterward the annual subscription will cost $150 CAD.  DAZN app can also be downloaded from google play and app store.

How to watch Americas Cup live streaming?

1. Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a better option to watch the 2021 Americas Cup. FuboTV is no doubt one of the better channels for sports fans and consists of loads of channels dedicated to sports. It has four bundles and you can choose any of them, and include some channel packs, and great premium networks. 2021 Americas Cup can be watched on the fuboTV easily, even the network does not have ESPN channels in the pack. But you will have other channels to watch live the Fox Sports, FS1, FS2, Big Ten Network, and NBC Sports. All the channels are included in both fubo and fubo Extra.

The channel comes with 30 hours of storage space to record programs. You can increase the storage up to 500 hours of space at a cost of $9.99 per month. Also, the channel has two devices to watch content at a time, but a 3rd device can be added which costs around $5.99 a month.

2. Sling TV

Sling TV provides the telecast to watch the 2021 Americas Cup. It is one of the best live streaming channels in the business.  It has ESPN and several other channels. Sling TV has 3 packs the Blue pack, the Orange pack, and the Orange + Blue pack.  Blue pack also includes the channels from Fox Sports and Orange + Blue packs.

Sling TV has no storage space but you can add the storage space at a cost of $5  per month and watch 50 hours of programs. The number of streams to watch at a time depend on the pack. Orange users get one stream, the blue users get three streams and the orange + blue users get four streams.

3. Hulu TV

Hulu TV offers you to watch the 2021 Americas Cup online. The Video on demand service has been in the market for many years. It comes with a single bundle and consists of many channels at a cost of $44.99. Channel packs and premium networks are added to the bundle. The bundle consists of ESPN channels.

The channel has a 50 hours cloud DVR storage, and increased up to 200 hours for a cost of $ 144.99. It has a 7 days free trial period during which you can try and then decide if it is the right channel for you.

How to watch America’s Cup 2021 Live Stream on Reddit?

Reddit is one of the best platforms to watch the 2021 Americas Cup online. You will find all the links to watch the Americas Cup via various subreddits. Just search the official links for the 2021American Cup and choose the quality links. Reddit also has the streams with ads which is not advised.

Americas Cup updates are underway on the Reddit for all the users of the platform. You can smartly search all the news, relating to the Americas Cup such as TV timings, news, details of players, points, and most important links to watch the race on live stream. Reddit can also be watched on an easy-to-use app for Android and iPhone users.

How To Watch 2021 America’s Cup Live Stream Online?

The 36th America’s Cup will be held at Waitemata Harbour or the Hauraki Gulf in Auckland. The Yacht race will be held at Circolo della Vela Sicilia from Italy and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. The Circolo della Sicilia boat is owned by Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Syndicate, it is named as Luna Rossa and the Royal New Zealand Boat is owned by the Emirates team in New Zealand, it is named as Te Rehutai. Both boats are made especially for this tournament and both are AC75 class high-performing foiling monohulls.

In this article you will find all the channels to watch the America’s Cup. The competition will be held between 6th March and 21st March 2021. The director is Iain Murray and the main focus of the organisers is to make the event reach maximum viewers and make it the most watched sporting competition.  The entries for the challengers were started on the 1st January 2018 and the last date was 30th June 2018. There were also late entries that were accepted till the 30th of November 2018.

The team that will win the Americas Cup will be facing the reigning Emirates team in New Zealand. To ensure that the fans can watch both, the most awesome and most complete live broadcast and the repeat telecast  of the America’s Cup using various networks in 195 countries. The 36th America’s Cup can be watched on free-to-air and paid networks also.

How to watch America’s Cup 2021 on live streaming channels?

In this age of digital technology, live streaming channels are replacing the traditional cable TV. This is happening because cable TV is not cheap anymore. Also the live streaming channels offer service without any contract, plus there is nothing to complain about the video quality.

With the live streaming platforms, a lot of content including sports content can be watched. The live streaming channels can be watched by every member of your family. So, let’s check out the entire list of live streaming channels.

1. NBC Sports network for United States:

NBC is the Channel to watch the live telecast of the 2021 America’s Cup in the US. With the channel you will have no problems while watching the live telecast of the competition. Make sure NBC is included in your channel package. You can also watch the yacht competition on the NBC website as well.

For many years NBC has been holding the telecast rights and the 2021 America’s Cup will be no different. You will get hours of live content of the championship. When you are watching the competition, rest assured that the commercial breaks are taken care of.

2. Fox sports in Australia

Fox Sports is an amazing channel to watch the 2021 America’s Cup in Australia. FS1 is included in the list with which you can watch the live telecast of the yacht race. It will also broadcast the live Boxing Champions, Major League Soccer matches, and UGSA Championships.

You can catch the live yacht race on FS1. Download the Fox Sports Go app on your smartphone. The app is supporting all the latest devices. You will get many features which makes the network an exceptional service in the market. Also, you can check the network for the 7 day free trial.

3. RAI in Italy:

RAI is also a brilliant channel to watch the 2021 America’s Cup in . The platform was started in 2000 and since then in no time it has managed to achieve a number of fans over the years. The channel will cost $10 for a month, but you can purchase the yearly subscription costing $50 it will be cheaper.

RAI offers a lot of great content, fantastic sports events, and newest programs. If you want to watch the best sports content on the go, you have to download the RAI app, and also watch the premium content.

4. Astro in Malaysia

The next channel to watch the 2021 America’s Cup is the Astor in Malaysia. The channel allows watching the streaming of the content in the country for 24 hours. The channel also telecasts EPL, Badminton, Basketball and a lot more.

The channel was launched in 1996 and is among the only original channels. Astro is telecasted with English language which broadcasts only sports based content.

5. TVNZ in New Zealand

TVNZ is a superior option to watch the 2021 America’s Cup. TVNZ is a better channel to watch content dedicated to sports. It is a state owned channel and the telecast is through New Zealand and some regions of the Pacific islands.

The channel was started in February 1980 when the television 1 and South Pacific TV merged into one channel.

6. SBS in South Korea

SBS is also known as the Seoul Broadcasting System is a Korean national television network. The owner is Taeyoung Chaebol and it became SBS according to law. There are many interesting shows to watch on SBS such as the most popular Sandglass with top ratings. Other shows are Lovers in parisRustic Period etc.

7. Sky Sports in UK

You can catch the full 2021 America’s Cup live on Sky Sports in the UK. To get the Sky Sports you will have to bear the price of  £8.99. If a Subscription of Sky is already done then you can easily watch the yacht race on the latest device just download the Sky Go app. The Sky Go app is available on Google Play for Android devices and the app store for iPhone.

You can catch the best live coverage of the sports programs, like Cricket, Football, F1, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, and the newest sports news, scores..

How to watch 2021 America’s Cup Live Stream on Reddit?

Reddit is one of the best platforms to watch the 2021 America’s Cup online. You will find all the links to watch the Americas Cup through various subreddits. Just look for the official links of the 2021 America’s Cup and choose the best links. Reddit also has the links which have ads which are not recommended.

America’s Cup updates are in progress on Reddit for all the subscribers. You can easily search for all the information of the America’s Cup like the TV timings, news, player details points, and most significant links to watch the yacht race on live stream. Reddit is available on Android and iPhone users.


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