Dak Prescott ‘insulted’ by charge surrounding Cowboys contract



Jerry Jones finally opened up his pockets for a huge Dak Prescott contract, even if it might have taken more dollars than he would have liked.

After a long, drawn-out negotiation, the Cowboys longtime owner and general manager locked up his quarterback on a four-year, $160 million extension to make sure he’s staying in Dallas.

“If there’s a human breathing that I’ve ever met that I’m proud who took advantage of me financially, it’s [Prescott],” Jones told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.

Prescott’s deal reportedly includes $126 million guaranteed and can reach as high as $164 million with incentives. Last year, the Cowboys had reportedly offered Prescott a five-year deal worth an average of $34.5 million per year, according to ESPN, with the longer deal helping to spread out the cap hit.

Instead, the 27-year-old Prescott played last season on the franchise tag and was five games in when he suffered a horrific leg injury against the Giants.

“Not a dicey bet at all,” Jones said.

Prescott also pushed back against the idea that he took a gamble playing on the tag and getting injured.

Dak Prescott and Jerry Jones talk about Prescott's new Cowboys contract
Dak Prescott and Jerry Jones talk about Prescott’s new Cowboys contract
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“I’m insulted when people say I gambled,” Prescott said. “Because you get out what you put into something and I’ve given so much and I’m going to continue to give. That’s how you reap the rewards.”

Prescott said he is “healthy,” but declined to give a timeline on when he might be 100 percent.

“I’m getting close, but I’ll be ready when it matters,” Prescott said. “I’ll be more than healthy and better than I was before.”

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