Fullcourt on Flatbush Nets podcast: The Incredible James Harden



James Harden dribbles against the Kings
Robert Sabo

James Harden returns to Houston on Wednesday for the first time since the Rockets traded him to the Nets. He didn’t have the prettiest ending in Houston, essentially demanding his way out of town. Many Nets fans were concerned when they made the blockbuster deal to acquire him. Now? Not in the slightest. Harden is playing at an all-world level and has entered the MVP conversation with his ability to not just score, but distribute the ball, leading the league in assists per game.

To talk about a successful first half of the season and Harden’s exceptional play, we bring you a brand new episode of our Brooklyn Nets podcast, “Fullcourt on Flatbush,” with Robin Lundberg and Kerry Kittles, featuring an interview with Nets great Derrick Coleman.

Fullcourt on Flatbush Podcast with Robin and Kerry:

  • James Harden playing at an incredible level. He has been the best player on the Nets since coming here.
  • Harden makes his return to Houston tonight. Will he get cheers or jeers? Harden goes down as one of the greatest Rockets players ever, despite not getting to the NBA Finals.
  • Harden and Kyrie Irving have become a thing, even without Kevin Durant. “Get used to it” – Kyrie. We were all idiots saying Nets should not trade for Harden.

Kerry’s Corner: Robin and I ask Kerry about what it takes to be a great role player and the end of his time with the Nets. Did the Nets try and bring Kerry back before he went to the Clippers to finish his career? Kerry gives his first thoughts on each player from that 2002 Nets starting lineup next to him. What was Todd MacCulloch like?

Derrick Coleman Interview:
Nets forward (1990-95)
, 1994 NBA All-Star

  • The New Jersey Nets back then vs. having success now in Brooklyn. Love what he’s seeing from this Nets team.
  • Throwback classic jerseys Nets have been wearing from his 1990 team. At the time, they were suspect about it and how it looked. It’s a fashion statement.
  • Experience playing in the swamps in New Jersey. One point in time they were going to become the “Swamp Dragons.”
  • His Big 3 with him, Kenny Anderson and Drazen Petrovic vs. the Nets current Big 3.
  • Do you think about what could have been with those Nets teams if Petrovic didn’t pass away? What was Petrovic the player like?
  • How will Nets make imprint on NY in a Knicks-dominant town?
  • Memories going up against Kittles. Fouling him when he got in the paint. “I hated Kerry since college. That’s that Big East thing.”
  • Not loving the physicality being almost gone in today’s NBA.
  • Rapid-fire questions on the NBA then and now and his career.

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