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Fullcourt on Flatbush Nets podcast
N.Y. Post: Charles Wenzelberg

The dynamic between Knicks and Nets fans has been fascinating this year. The Nets are the better team. The Knicks are better than they have been in eight years. You can argue the Nets are the biggest story in the NBA, but don’t tell that to many Knicks fans, who still will say the Nets are not relevant in NY. It’s an endless argument that usually ends up with both sides fighting.

It’s a debate we had to discuss on a new episode of the “Fullcourt on Flatbush” podcast with Robin Lundberg and Nets great Kerry Kittles. In the spirit of the Nets-Knicks rivalry, Chris Childs, who played for both teams, joined the podcast.

Fullcourt on Flatbush Podcast with Robin & Kerry:

  • NETS BEAT KNICKS: Robin says it felt like a championship game for Knicks fans. Their fans needs to stop talking about the Nets. Julius Randle definitely traveled and had no right to get upset. That was the right call. Robin likes stirring the pot on Twitter when it comes to Nets-Knicks.
  • TITLE FAVORITES: Nets look like the best team in the NBA. They are improving on the defensive end. James Harden is playing good defense here. They don’t necessarily need Andre Drummond, but if he’s there in a buyout situation, it could make sense.
  • POSTSEASON: Getting healthy and having everyone on the court together for the playoffs is the only concern. Kerry says we’ll be there, so I guess he’s making sure the Fullcourt on Flatbush crew is at the Barclays Center come playoff time.



Kerry’s Corner: Robin and I pose questions to Kerry about his NBA career. We ask Kerry about having to hold back Kenyon Martin a few times, whether he or any teammate ever got into a fight with another team, how his game would translate in today’s NBA and if he gets recognized when out in public now.

Chris Childs Interview:
Former Nets guard (1994-96, 2002-03)

  • NY HOOPS ENERGY: Happy that both teams are on the map and playing well. It’s been a while.
  • BLOCKBUSTER NETS: Never thought the Nets would end up playing in NY. Sky is the limit. It’s an amazing team.
  • TODAY’S GAME: Still believes defense will win games come playoff time.
  • KYRIE: Magician with the ball. A mix of Kenny Anderson, Rod Strickland and Rafer Alston. One of the best guards to ever play the game.
  • CHAMPIONSHIP OR BUST: That’s the situation for the Nets. Can’t bring in these stars and not win a title now.
  • NETS TO KNICKS: Transition from NJ and losing teams to NY and winning teams. Always played hard in practice. Had to earn his spot.
  • KOBE BRYANT FIGHT: Never has an interview in which he is not asked about it. The skirmish was a sign of respect.
  • 2002-03 NETS: Played 12 games with Kerry. That team was unbelievable. Wish he could have stayed healthy and backed up Jason Kidd and played in playoff games. Everybody has a high IQ on that team.
  • POINT GUARDS: Point guard play then vs. now and being a scorer vs. a distributor. Would lose sleep covering some of these guys today.

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