Man busted for threatening NYPD cops in precinct with knife



An unhinged man pulled a knife on NYPD officers at a Manhattan station house — prompting the cops to draw their guns and Tasers and haul him into custody, police said Monday.

Surveillance video shows the encounter around 5:15 p.m. Sunday, when Kerry Young Baxter, 25, breezed into the 7th Precinct on Pitt Street to ask about clearing a warrant which he thought was in his name, police sources told The Post.

But when cops told him he had no outstanding warrants, Baxter, who lives in the precinct, allegedly snapped, pulling out a kitchen knife from his left pocket.

Officers responded by surrounding him with their Tasers and drawing their guns, the sources said.

Baxter tossed his weapon to the ground and was immediately arrested and charged with two counts of menacing a police officer and criminal possession of a weapon, cops said.

Baxter also allegedly threatened cops a second time while he was being processed.

“If I don’t go to prison, I’ll come back and do the same s–t,” he said, according to cops.

Police sources said he has one open arrest on his record for criminal possession of a weapon in 2020.

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